California Caterham Picnics

Our very first event with Lucy Cate was the 2013 California Caterham Club’s picnic in Los Gatos on September 21st.  The forecast called for a slight chance of rain and we really didn’t want to put weather gear on.  But just as we were ready to leave, it started raining, so we (ok, Jeff) played it safe and put on full weather gear. Smart move. We were aiming at starting our Blat around 11, but since it was sprinkling slightly we decided to eat first. Another smart move. The sprinkle turned to full blown rain, and we scrambled to cover our ladies as best we could. An awning meant to provide shade during lunch ended up covering tIMG_0165wo Seven’s that had no protection at all, and the rest made do with various means of cover. We never did get our Blat in, but nonetheless, had a great time meeting others and sharing the experience of owning a Seven. On the way home, it rained constantly and heavily. Lucy Cate behaved beautifully, and the weather gear did it’s job. It was awesome seeing nine Seven’s in a row – every one of them with a personality all their own. We’re looking forward to getting together again and meeting up with a couple of Seven owners closer to us.

IMG_0164Now, fast forward to August 9th, 2014.  This year, there were seventeen 7’s at the club’s picnic and the weather was perfect.  The Blat’s route was beautiful and challenging and I managed to get some good GoPro footage and made my first movie, posted on Vimeo.   Don’t worry, it’s short!